Travelling has never looked more appealing than it does in today’s world of extended lockdowns. Similarly, people have never been more eager to travel with freedom than they are now. Just like a super hungry person prefers to break their hunger with a sumptuous burger instead of a slice of plain bread. The question of the next vacation destination has never been more important. However, one thing is clear; people want a place that offers it all. It is in this regard, the German state of Bavaria, offers itself as an ideal option. Bavaria is famous across the world for its beer festivals, but the place is also packaged with beautiful lakes, scenic mountains, a vibrant art culture, fairy tale castles, regular musical concerts, and much more. While it is certainly not possible to cover everything the largest state of Germany has to offer. We provide you with a list of the top 6 things to do in Bavaria.

Top 6 things to do in Bavaria:

Linderhof Palace

things to do in Bavaria

The Linderhof Palace is a site that will catch your eye right from the beginning. It was commissioned by King Ludwig II, and is in fact the only palace that got completed in his lifetime. The palace itself is an important part of history; however, an often-ignored part of the palace is its beautiful setting. While the palace is not as grand as other palaces, you will find in Europe. It has one of the finest gardens, which are a mix of art and lush green scenery. To the envy of many other Palaces, the mountains in the background give it an out-of-the-world appeal.

Neuschwanstein Castle

things to do in Bavaria

Located about 100 kilometers from Munich, there is a castle unlike any other in the middle of the alps. In fact, this was the conclusion Walt Disney himself reached. Moreover, if the Neuschwanstein Castle seems somewhat familiar, then there is a reason for it. This castle’s design was used as an inspiration by Walt Disney to create the famous Disneyland castle. Also, the castle was never built for strategic purposes, but as a tribute by King Ludwig II to Richard Wagner.

To this day, the castle continues to give a fairytale vibe and welcomes all those looking to seek inspiration with open arms. It is easily one of the best castles you will ever visit.


It is characteristic of all European cities to have their own central squares. The capital city of Bavaria hosts a mesmerizing central square called Marienplatz. Unlike other squares, the Marienplatz gives a strong gothic vibe derived from the architecture of its grand buildings. It does not matter what time of the year it is, the square is always buzzing with activity. In Christmas time, it will hold its wonderful Christmas market; in other times it will become a ground for musical concerts, and even on a day with not much going on; it attracts a large crowd there to witness the spectacle of its gigantic clock performing with animated figures. The square is filled with lots of nice cafes and restaurants.


wonderful experience.


Fortunately for those visiting the state of Bavaria, the place hosts the incredible Alps. The advantage of viewing the Alps in Germany over other European countries is a highly efficient infrastructure. The roads are smooth, the area is safe, and the hiking trails are equipped with helpful signposts. However, the efficiency of the infrastructure is not limited to that. The Bavarians have developed an amazing viewing platform on the Cliffside of the Alps called “Alpspix”. The Alpspix provides majestic views of the mountains from a height of 3000 feet. The viewing platform is equipped with two curved walkways that provide a dynamic view if you missed something during the cable car ride. Such an experience is something you will cherish for a lifetime.

cherish for a lifetime

Watch FC Bayern Munich play a football match.

The world became aware of German people’s passion for football after their World Cup win in 2014. However, the story of football in Germany dates back many decades ago. The love for football is a national phenomenon and runs deeper than you think. This is what makes watching the home team “Bayern Munich” play a match at the Allianz Arena even more interesting. Being among a group of thousands of hardcore Bayern Munich fans chanting for their team is an experience unlike any other. Moreover, Bayern Munich offers you the chance to see some of the best players of the world in action from up close. The long list of football stars includes Thomas Muller and Manuel Neuer.

There is an endless number of must-see things in the state of Bavaria. However, we hope this list of the top 6 things helps you understand Bavaria’s diversity. Top 6 things to do in Bavaria cannot be characterized simply by one of the things it has to offer. This is because its uniqueness is not based on a particular attraction. Instead, it is a place that lets you marvel at the vast combination of things it has to offer. Whether you are traveling solo, with friends, family, or are on a honeymoon, Bavaria will fulfill your appetite.

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