There is no doubt that the last 6 months have been tough. For those who like to travel, the worst part has been the restrictions on travel that the pandemic entailed. We have never seen the world’s famous tourist attractions deserted like this. However, we see the world opening up again and the environment getting conducive for travel.

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If you are looking for a place to travel, a place which is high-spirited and incredible in its distinct way, we have got the right destination for you – Munich. Located right inside the heart of Europe, Munich offers the combination of a cosmopolitan city with art and youthful vibe. In fact, there are many world renowned features of the city which are not found in any other place on this planet e.g. the world’s largest beer festival. In addition, its proximity to many other tourist hotspots makes it a convenient stop.

Identifying a suitable place to travel is only the half the story. It is what you do in a given place which is more important. These experiences are what you actually bring back with you and keep forever. We hear stories of travelers being able to discover themselves through travel. Interestingly, all these stories are true.

In order to help you have the best experiences, we present to you the top things to do in Munich.

Things to do in Munich (Top 3)

Spend a day engulfed in the Oktoberfest crowd

the Oktoberfest crowd
Things to do in Munich (Day trip from Nuremberg, Oktoberfest, Hofbräuhaus) 7

Named after the month of October, the Oktoberfest is one of the best festivals to attend in the whole world. During the Oktoberfest, the streets of Munich are filled by an inflow of millions of tourists. The idea is for everyone to come together and party like a true Bavarian. What you can expect to see are wonderful parades throughout the two weeks of the festival.

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Additionally, streets are decorated, and there are plenty of places to eat, drink, and party. In fact, you will regularly see dances going on right in the streets in some central areas. No matter which locality you are living in, beer is readily available. This is because, apart from the bars and clubs, a lot of hotels have their own bar area inside the hotel premises.

Lastly, it is important to understand what exactly makes this festival such a huge attraction for millions of people. Simply put, it is the vibe of the city. While some other cities have also tried replicating the Oktoberfest, it is the vibe of the city they can never be match. To understand the vibe prevalent in Munich during the Octoberfest, you simply have to be there yourself.

Therefore, the Oktoberfest is one of the top things to do in Munich.


Things to do in Munich (Day trip from Nuremberg, Oktoberfest, Hofbräuhaus) 8

Located at a 4 min walk from the Old Town Hall in Munich, this is something which no tourist in the city can afford to miss. This attraction is none other than the famous Hofbrauhaus built by the Bavarian Duke Maximilian I in 1589. It is a place where tourists can come for dinner or for its collection of wine. Furthermore, it also boasts a very well-maintained outdoor garden and a ballroom.

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One reason why the Hofbrauhaus is a highly recommended spot for tourists is that it gives outsiders an authentic taste of the Bavarian culture. Not only does one get the chance to eat fine Bavarian dishes and listen to local music being played in the background, but also you can get a glimpse of locals who are among the place’s frequent visitors. In fact, a session in the ballroom is highly recommended.

What raises the standard of the Hofbrauhaus even further is the clientele it has hosted. Among the most famous of its diners is Mozart who has been to this place numerous times. Furthermore, it is important to note that this famous building was almost completely destroyed due to bombings during World War 2. However, with its remodeling done after the war, it has risen to become the top place to visit for tourists.

Nuremberg – Day Trip

Nuremburg – Day Trip
Things to do in Munich (Day trip from Nuremberg, Oktoberfest, Hofbräuhaus) 9

One thing which makes Munich such a cherished destination is its proximity to other interesting tourist attractions. One such tourist spot is the city of Nuremburg located about 150 miles from Munich. Moreover, the presence of a highly developed infrastructure means that tourists can move between these two cities at a brisk speed. If you don’t want to drive, there are about 49 trains available each day going to Nuremburg from Munich.

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Therefore, although it is not technically inside Munich, the abundance of easy and economical travel options makes a day trip to Nuremburg one of the best things to do when in Munich.

In Nuremburg you get the chance to visit some of the most important historical sites in Germany. Whether you take a tour of the magnificent Imperial castle, the Kaiser burg Castle, or visit the Nazi sites which were used for propaganda and rallying activities, a visit to Nuremburg is bound to be a fascinating experience.

The best part of the trip is that you can be back in Munich in one day.


After reading this article, if you are in awe of all the things that Munich has to offer, remember that this article is just a teaser about the unique aspects of the city. People of all ages will find some interesting things to do in Munich. This is because the city reveals itself to different people in different ways.

Moreover, the city of Munich has managed to showcase this magic to millions of tourists over many centuries.  As such, there is no reason that the city will not only live up to your high expectations but also surprise you with the diversity of its offerings.