Nuremberg is famous for its historically rich and culturally packed attractions. You will never have a vacant day when on a trip to Nuremberg. From the famous Christmas market to the impressive Imperial castle, you will not stop till you have seen it all. And to absorb all the brilliance, you would need to travel a lot. But do not worry, Nuremberg has plenty of transport options for you to choose from.



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You can get around Nuremberg using public transport like buses, tramps, or subways. Or you can ride the streets on a bike or hail a taxi. The possibilities are endless. All that is needed is your motivation to explore this amazing, historical place. In this article, I am going to walk you through a few modes of transport you can use to get around Nuremberg.

get around Nuremberg.
How to Get Around in Nuremberg? Public Transport and More 13

Nürnberg Card

The Nürnberg card is a holy grail to tourists. You can get around the city with free transport and get free access to museums and other attractions. It provides a hassle-free tour for two days where you do not have to worry about buying transport tickets beforehand.

Here is how you can get the Nürnberg card to make your life easier,

  • Before you visit Nuremberg: You can get the card online by ordering on the website of Nuremberg tourism ( Else, you can buy the card while you book your hotel or any tourism package deal.

  • During your visit to Nuremberg: If you have not purchased the Nürnberg card beforehand, then you can visit any of the nearby tourist offices to get the card. You can also buy the card from the information stand at the airport. The card is also available in many hotels around Nuremberg and at the Knaus campsite at the Dutzendteich.
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How to Get Around in Nuremberg? Public Transport and More 14

I have listed below the benefits of owning a Nürnberg card and how it works,

  • You can use the Nürnberg card for two consecutive days. The card gives you unlimited access to public transportation services around the Nuremberg area, Fürth, and Stein. It also grants you free entry into more than 40 of your favorite museums and attractions. No need to pinch yourself! You are not dreaming; this is one amazing deal.
  • The card is free for kids aged 5 or less, and children till age 11 have to pay only 6€ to purchase at least one regular Nürnberg card.
  • The only requirement for you to avail the card is to stay overnight in either Nuremberg or Fürth.
  • To start availing the benefits of this card, all you have to do is enter the first date when you use the card. Then, sign the card and you can go for your 2-day amazing trip of hassle-free transport.

So, what are you waiting for? The Nürnberg card should be on the top of your list of essentials for traveling to Nuremberg.

Public Transport Services

Get Around in Nuremberg
How to Get Around in Nuremberg? Public Transport and More 15

You can use public transport like subways, tramps, and buses. All you need to do is buy your tickets beforehand and off you go.

Types of Tickets

There is a wide range of tickets you can choose from depending on the number of passengers or the duration of your travel.

  • Single Ticket: Einzelfahrkarte or single ticket is perfect for individuals traveling alone and making only one journey. This ticket allows you to take a one-way ride from and to wherever you wish. You can even interrupt your journey whenever you want, except for short-distance rides. There are different price levels according to the distance and travel location. The price level A-ticket is valid for 90 minutes and gives you a one-way ride.
  • 10-strip and 4-trip tickets: If you plan to just travel on public transport but not only for a single day, then these tickets are right for you. You can get 4 single rides on the 4er ticket or 4-trip ticket. With this ticket, you can only travel within the local city traffics, while the 10er Streifenkarte or 10-strip ticket allows you up to 5-trips depending upon the price level and the validity period. With this ticket, you can even travel from one city to another. Both tickets are 1-person only but can be used by different individuals at various times if the validity allows.
  • All-day tickets: The all-day ticket solo or Tages-ticket solo is best for people who are traveling alone, while the Tages-ticket plus or all-day ticket plus is best for people traveling in groups of up to six persons. For this ticket, there must be at least two adults present in the group. Both tickets are valid for one day or weekend, and they allow you to take a ride to wherever you want.

How to Purchase Tickets?

There are several ways you can purchase tickets for the public transport of Nuremberg, either online or in person. Here are a few of them,

  • Use the app: You can download the application “VGN timetable & tickets” on your mobile from the app or play store. All you need is a working internet connection and you can book your ticket without cash on this free application.
  • VGN online shop: You can visit the webpage for VGN online shop on your browser. From there, you can print the ticket at home, download it on your smartphone, or order the ticket to your house by post.
  • Service centers and sales points: There are several service centers and sale points located throughout the town. You can visit VGN’s website and find the map for sale points. Then, choose the one that is the closest to your location and buy your ticket from there.
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Ride on a VAG Bicycle

If you are looking for a climate-friendly way to travel around Nuremberg, then you can hop on a VAG bicycle and pedal through the streets of the city. Just register on the VAG bike application or the VAG customer center and rent a bike. Else, you could also rent a bicycle from other bike-hire services like ‘Ride on a Rainbow’ and ‘Adam-Kraft-Strasse 55’ at just €10-18 per day.

Get Around in Nuremberg
How to Get Around in Nuremberg? Public Transport and More 16

Travel by Taxis or Rental Car

Taxi is the most used ride-hailing service. If you want a comfortable ride but do not own a car or do not want to use your car, then taxi-Nuremberg is at your service. You can alternatively use a rental car as well, whichever is more affordable and suits your needs. You can find taxi stands all over the city and mainly at the airport, the entrance of the Nuremberg main railway station, and the Nuremberg fairground. To book a taxi you can either visit the website ( and select from the many options available or make a reservation on-call: +49 911 19410.

Get Around in Nuremberg
How to Get Around in Nuremberg? Public Transport and More 17


Traveling around Nuremberg will not be that hectic if you choose from the above-mentioned transportation services. Once you pick the one that suits your needs, all you have to do is leave your hotel and go on an exciting adventure.