3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg
3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 24

Nuremberg is the second largest city in Bavaria, Germany and is more than 950 years old. It is the birthplace of the Nuremberg sausage. The city is infamous for the Nuremberg Trials and cherished for its annual Christmas Market. Being chock-full of history, architecture and culture, it has a lot to offer to anyone who visits.

In this guide, we will tell you how to get the most out of Nuremberg in three days.

Day 1

Imperial Castle (Kaiserburg)

Your first stop should be the Imperial Castle which was one of the most important fortresses in Germany. It was the stronghold of the Old Holy Roman Empire and was the home of all Holy Roman Emperors until 1571. From here, you can get a panoramic view of the entire city of Nuremberg.

city of Nuremberg
3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 25

Don’t forget to visit the Deep Well and the Sinwell Tower. The Sinwell Tower is 385 meters high, and those who reach the top can take beautiful pictures of the city. Moreover, they are treated to an exhibit showing World War II’s impact on the city of Nuremberg and the castle. The Deep Well is impressive and goes 50 meters into the rock.

into the rock
3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 26

Zum Gulden Stern

Now that you’ve worked up a healthy appetite, it’s time to have traditional Nuremberg bratwurst. The oldest bratwurst restaurant in Nuremberg, Zum Gulden Stern, has been at its current address since 1419. Made with fresh ingredients, bratwurst is made the traditional way, freshly grilled over a beechwood fire and served with sauerkraut.

with sauerkraut
3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 27

Beautiful Fountain (Schöner Brunnen)

This Gothic-style pyramid is 19 meters tall and was constructed in 1395 by Heinrich Beheim. The structure has 40 stone figures in 4 rows, and is surrounded by an iron gate.

by an iron gate
3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 28

There is a brass ring on the wrought iron gate, and tourists frequently turn the ring around three times to make their wishes come true. Try your luck!

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Try your luck
3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 29

Marriage Roundabout (Ehekarussell)

This structure was completed by Jürgen Weber in 1981. It depicts marriage going through the initial stages of love, to arguments and misery, and eventually death. This is only one of the many memorable statues that can be found in Nuremberg.

found in Nuremberg
3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 30

Hangman’s Bridge (Henkersteg)

Hangman’s Bridge is a roofed wooden bridge which is a must-see when you visit Nuremberg. This wooden bridge is where the executioner would make his way from his house to the city. There is a museum inside the Hangman’s Tower for those who enjoy morbid things. However, one of the main attractions of this tower is the building right next to it – the Weinstadel. This is the largest half-timbered building in Germany and was used to store wine since 1571!

store wine since 1571
3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 31

While here, you can check out the Hangman’s Residence Museum. The exhibition is fascinating and gives you an up-close-and-personal look at Nuremberg’s criminal history. It also houses the diary of Franz Schmidt, the city’s most famous hangman.

Chain Bridge (Kettensteg)

This is the oldest iron suspension bridge in Europe. The bridge uses chains for suspension, which is where its name comes from. Enjoy river views of Nuremberg while continuing to explore the town.

explore the town
3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 32

Albrecht Dürer’s House (Albrecht-Dürer-Haus)

Albrecht Dürer was a German Renaissance painter from 1500s who was born and raised in Nuremberg. The 5-storey Dürer House is a museum honoring him and his work. Even if you aren’t a fan of art, this is an excellent opportunity to see how life was back then since the kitchen, workroom, and living room have been restored.

have been restored
3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 33

Outside Dürer’s house, you can find another sculpture, this time of a rabbit. This bronze sculpture by Jürgen Goertz is called “Der Hase” and is inspired by one of Dürer’s paintings.

of Dürer’s paintings
3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 34


You can end the day by eating at Albrecht-Dürer-Stube, a restaurant opposite the Dürer House. This cozy restaurant is popular for its historic feel and affordable food. It is family-run restaurant that has been passed down through generations. The place has leaded window panes and is decorated with Dürer’s prints.

with Dürer’s prints.
3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 35

Day 2

Nuremberg, despite its charms, has a somber history. The city encourages visitors to educate themselves on the atrocities of the Second World War and provides resources to do so. You can visit the following places and learn more on Day 2:

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Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds (Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände)

Nuremberg was a Nazi stronghold and the center of Nazi propaganda. The Documentation Center shows the power that the National Socialist regime once held. It aims to educate people on the horrors of World War II through a permanent exhibition called “Fascination and Terror” which details information about the National Socialist dictatorship.

Socialist dictatorship
3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 36

Memorium Nuremberg Trials (Memorium Nürnberger Prozesse)

Nuremberg is most known for the infamous Nuremberg Trials where Nazi war criminals were tried for their crimes against humanity. The permanent exhibition here aims to educate visitors and provides information about the trials, what led to them, and what impact they had.

The Nuremberg Trials are cemented in history and have been the basis of the formation of international criminal law. Visitors can visit Courtroom 600 between sessions or on Sundays.

sessions or on Sundays
3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 37

Apart from these historic sites, Nuremberg has a lot more to offer in terms of education including many different museums.

Germanisches Museum (Germanisches Nationalmuseum)

This museum is a must-see for anyone who goes to Nuremberg, as it is the largest cultural-historical museum in Germany with approximately 1.3 million artifacts. Its claim to fame is the world’s first globe. However, in addition to the Behaim Globe, the museum houses many of Dürer’s paintings, as well as scientific instruments, armour, musical instruments etc. The remnants of Nuremberg’s Carthusian monastery have also been incorporated into the museum.

City Museum at Fembo’s House (Stadtmuseum im Fembo-Haus)

The main section of the Fembo House is the only historical home in Nuremberg that survived World War II. Since then, it has served as a city museum. Fembo House is an ancient house from the Renaissance period, and some of the exhibits are historic rooms that visitors can view. The museum takes visitors through the city’s journey and covers topics such as cuisines and crafts in Nuremberg.

crafts in Nuremberg
3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 38

Toy Museum

Nuremberg’s Toy Museum isn’t just for children – it’s also enjoyed by adults. Founded in 1971, it is one of the most renowned toy museums in the world. It hosts more than 80,000 objects such as dolls, figures, wooden toys etc. One of the most important collections is the Lehmann tin toy collection; “World of Tinplate” is on the second floor of the museum. Popular toys such as Lego also have exhibitions devoted to them.

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exhibitions devoted to them
3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 39

Holy Spirit Hospital Restaurant (Heilig-Geist-Spital)

End your second day with a dinner at a preserved medieval hospital that overlooks the Pegnitz River. This hospital dates back to 1332 and was established to care for the needy and the elderly. Today, it acts as a senior home and a restaurant.

home and a restaurant
3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 40

Day 3

You can spend your third day in Nuremberg exploring the beautiful churches and enjoying the performances the city has to offer.

St. Lawrence Church (Lorenzkirche)

One of the most important churches in Nuremberg, St. Lawrence Church is a Gothic-style church with stained glass windows and a three-pipe organ. 

three-pipe organ
3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 41

One of its most special features is a limewood statue by Veit Stoss called the “Angelic Greeting” which hangs over the choir. With its beautiful art, St. Lawrence is a must-see for all who visit Nuremberg.

who visit Nuremberg
3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 42

Nuremberg St. Sebaldus Church (Sebalduskirche)

St. Sebaldus Church is the oldest Protestant church in Nuremberg and is dedicated to the patron of the city. The beautiful bronze shrine to the patron is definitely worth the visit.

3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 43

Nuremberg Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche)

This was the first gothic church hall in Franconia and remains one of the three most important churches in Nuremberg. The oldest stained glass window is located here. The façade of the church is as beautiful as the inside is which makes it a worthy stop.

3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 44

Nuremberg Christmas Market (Christkindlesmarkt)

If you’re lucky enough to visit Nuremberg in December, you can visit the world-famous Christmas Market. With its romantic lights, delicious food and mulled wine, it’s no wonder tourists and locals alike flock to it every year.

3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 45

Visitors can taste the famous gingerbread (lebkuchen), eat bratwurst, and even take a carriage ride around the Christmas Market. Additionally, souvenirs like hand-painted Christmas ornaments and the famous Nuremberg “prune men” can be bought for family and friends back home.

3 Day Itinerary for Nuremberg 46

With colourful twinkling lights, delicious food and wine, and a visit by the Christkind, the Christmas Market is a magical Christmas experience for adults and children alike!


This concludes our three-day itinerary for Nuremberg which covers most of the wealth of culture and history this beautiful city has to offer. Enjoy your visit!