Your AirBnB home in Nürnberg

Dragon’s Nest is your personal vacation apartment in Schwaig near Nuremberg, your cozy Airbnb Nuremberg. Perfect access to highway and public transport, close to the airport but still in a very quiet location, in 15 min you are in the city center of Nuremberg. Highlights: Top modern smarthome with air conditioning, cozy and furnished with attention to detail. Highspeed WLAN, Netflix & Chromecast, whirlpool, parking, airport pickup and breakfast available.

The accommodation

We created a top modern & at the same time super cozy loft out of our old attic, after we renovated and designed everything from scratch last year. In the process, we have rebuilt a lot ourselves and enormously much attention to detail.

SmartHome & Workplace: The complete lighting can be operated super easy by voice control. The 4K TV offers Netflix and a Chromecast is also connected, with which you can stream everything from your phone directly to the TV. High-speed Wi-Fi with up to 200 MBit is also available for free. From time to time, when the AirBnB is not rented, I also use it for work & as a photo and sound studio for cosplay, YouTube & Instagram (studio screen, and professional equipment is available and can be used). The desk has everything you need to work, external monitor, various charging cables with adapters, etc.

Design & Equipment: Everything is modern, yet as cozy as possible. I have furnished the apartment completely according to my interests. Don’t be surprised if a lot was inspired by anime & video games 🙂 Other things the apartment offers are: Air conditioning, A small balcony, an electric piano, board games and a super cuddly giant panda.

Wellness & Recreation: The bathroom is a real spa oasis. The bathtub with waterfall inlet offers several massage jets! There are also some bath additives with different aromas available.

Location & Surroundings

Our house is located in a quiet residential area in Schwaig near Nuremberg. There is really hardly any noise, especially at night it is incredibly quiet and you can sleep peacefully and restfully. For me personally, the location is absolutely perfect. On the one hand, you can walk to the S-Bahn in 5 min and be at the main station in Nuremberg in 12 min. On the other hand, you are also quickly out in the countryside by car from Schwaig and can enjoy nature. In the immediate vicinity are: The river Pegnitz with beautiful meadows to walk, a wonderful indoor pool with outdoor area, the Schwaiger castle, and several good restaurants, where we also go often ourselves.

The apartment is upstairs on the 2nd floor of our house, we live downstairs on the first floor. There is unfortunately no elevator, but we are happy to help carry luggage, and climbing stairs is also known to be healthy 😉

Du suchst nach einem Hotel in Nürnberg?

Dragon’s Nest: Your cozy & modern attic loft

A bit of Nürnberg (Nuremberg):

Since the Middle Ages, this city has been one of the most important commercial hubs in the nation. Nuremberg or Nürnberg is well known for being home to various historical landmarks such as the Walled Old Town, the Imperial Castle, and even a museum based on the Nazi era, which can be an overwhelming and powerful necessary experience.

You can experience the rich heritage of the land through all that the land has to offer, starting from old buildings, ancient artifacts and pleasing landscapes that decorate the city of Nuremberg. If you are a gourmet, a connoisseur of food, Nürnberg (Nuremberg) is the place to visit when you’re in Bavaria, Germany. The city prides itself in its delicious cuisine, including sausages, Bratwurst and gingerbread, and both the food items originated from Nürnberg.

If you are a tourist, it is recommended that you buy a Nuremberg Fürth Card through your travel agency. This card will grant you free access to more than 50 landmarks such as museums for two days.

Airbnb is inarguably the most popular and easiest way to travel for people who seek the comfort of a home even when overseas. Airbnbs are typically any residential property rented out for tourists and travelers for a short period by the homeowners. The options are varied on this one. Whether you want a single room or a whole house or even if you want to rent a nontraditional place to sleep, such as a boat or a treehouse, you name it, Airbnb has it all.

Some Airbnbs is world-renowned for its location, luxury, and exceptionally great amenities. Dragon’s Nest is one of hotel Nürnberg B&B that has earned its spot as one of the famous tourist attractions in Nürnberg.

Nürnberg Apartment Dragon’s Nest, like the name, is a very cozy loft that has a very modern design. This attic loft is located in Schwaigbei, just outside of Nürnberg, so you can stay at the apartment while exploring Nuremberg. Dragon’s nest, Airbnb Nürnberg is fully air-conditioned, complete with a private parking lot and free Wifi. It is no surprise that this accommodation is sought after by all travelers who come to Airbnb Nürnberg.


How it came to be: The homeowners’ story:

The homeowners came up with the Nürnberg bed and breakfast living space by renovating their old attic. At the same time, their old attic would waste through the years. Just gathering dust, they had the perfect idea to turn their attic into a Nürnberg B&B living space that people could rent.

The entire Nürnberg Apartment space was renovated and built from scratch, and they did all the interior designing, including some DIYs in the process. Because of this, you can find that the Dragon’s Nest hotel Nürnberg is very well maintained, and you can define it let acknowledge the attention they have given to each detail. There is a private entrance to the loft from an outside staircase. You don’t have to cross over rooms, but the staircase will take you directly where you need to go.

Why should you stay at the Dragon’s nest?

The Dragon’s nest attic loft is a 2 bedroom Nürnberg apartment. You also get all bed linens and towels included in the accommodation, so you don’t have to carry your own. It has one bathroom, a dining area and a fully functional kitchen which is well equipped with all the appliances you need to cook a good meal. After a long day of touring the city, you can come back to enjoy the scenic beauty from the balcony of the Dragon’s nest Hotel Nürnberg or curl up in the bed and watch your favorite show on the flat screen tv that comes with all the satellite channels. The best part about staying at this Nürnberg bed and breakfast loft is that you get a luxurious continental breakfast which you can enjoy in your own time.

Smart Home:

You can control all the lighting in the house via voice control. You also get a smart flat-screen TV with 4K that has both Netflix and Chromecast, and you can use this to stream anything from your phone to the TV. The Nürnberg B&B Dragon’s nest loft offers high-speed Wifi, which can go as high as 200Mbit for free.

In case you have to check into work when you’re vacationing at the Airbnb Nürnberg, don’t worry. They have a work desk along with a PC, charging cables and adapters to assist you with your work. The place’s scenic beauty is enough to give your mind a fresh feeling and make you more productive. Since the homeowners also use the place for professional work, you can find a few pieces of professional equipment in the house for use, such as a studio screen for photo shoots.


Because the homeowner is a fan of art, cosplaying, and anime, you can find that many of the designs at this Nürnberg B&B are inspired by it.


The most iconic highlight of your stay at the Dragon’s Nest hotel Nürnberg will quite possibly be the bath spa. It can be considered as an oasis that comes with a bathtub. The serene beauty of the bath spa is enough to take your stress away. There is a waterfall inlet in the bathtub with massage jets as if this wasn’t enough. You even get bath additives such as bath bombs, oils, and bath salts in many different flavors.

Best features of the Dragon’s nest attic loft:

While there are many things to swoon over at the Dragon’s Nest, here are the top features that make this accommodation a must on your travel list if you ever visit Nuremberg:

  • It comes with a hot tub, which is a wellness center in itself .
  • If you like, there are fisheries near hotel Nürnberg where you can go on a fishing trip, or you can even bring out your playful side and go cycling to explore the surroundings of the Dragon’s nest attic loft.
  • Nürnberg is just 10 km away from the Dragon’s nest attic loft. This is where the nearest airport is located, so you don’t have to worry about traveling long distances to catch your flight back home.
  • Another good thing about staying at the Dragon’s nest Nürnberg Apartment is that they offer an airport shuttle service from the accommodation. This is also one reason why many people tend to love the Dragon’s nest attic loft. They take care of everything for the guest from when you land in Nuremberg until you depart from the apartment.
  • The ease of scheduling is also another reason why the Dragon’s nest attic loft is is so popular. It is at the center of all the main attractions such as Nürnberg, Fürth and Erlangen.
  • You can boast about a vacation home at Schwaigbecause that is precisely what it feels like when living at the Dragon’s nest attic loft.
  • It is the perfect place to live when traveling, whether for business or pleasure. All the primary modes of transport are accessible to you, including public transport and the motorway. 
  • Another thing to note is that even though these places are accessible, the apartment’s location is in a tranquil place so that you won’t be disturbed by any of these external noises.

What is the location of the apartment like?

The homeowners have given so much attention to detail that you can be assured of no shortcomings with the smart home, even if it is isolated from the main city bounds. Dragon’s nest attic loft is excellent for people looking for a peaceful and quiet home to reside in when traveling through places like Nuremberg and Fürth. 

The house’s location is so perfect because it is not amongst the hustle-bustle of the city, so there aren’t many distractions and disturbances from noise. At the same time, the location is such that you have to travel about 15 minutes to reach the nearest city, Nuremberg, where you can find all the commercial places and your primary modes of transportation such as the airport.

Not only this, you can rent a car and drive off into the countryside to enjoy nature. The place is being with natural resources that constitute the land’s scenic beauty. You can find Pegnitz, a beautiful river with luscious meadows to walls around, or sit and have a picnic. You can also find an indoor pool in the vicinity with a delightful outdoor sitting area. You can also find a large variety of Airbnb Nürnberg bed and breakfast places to try the local cuisine.

The loft is located on the second floor of the house. A possible con for some people may be that there is no elevator service to the second floor. However, they do provide the service for luggage drop-off. Although walking up the stairs is no problem either.

You can easily reach the homeowner in case of any questions or services you require. The host will provide you with the necessary contacts such as phone number, email or social media handles like Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp. If you want to video chat, do so through Skype.

The host can speak multiple languages, so communication shouldn’t be a problem. Some of the languages he can converse in are Deutsch, Polski, Japanese and English. One more thing to note is that the host is also a per wonder, so if you are allergic, you may want to take it up with the homeowner before booking your stay at the Nürnberg bed and breakfast place.

What are the amenities?

In addition to Scenic garden views from the balcony of the Dragon’s nest Airbnb Nürnberg, the place provides several more amenities. Take a look below at the long list of things that come along with the apartment.

What are some places you can explore when staying at the Dragon’s nest?

Nuremberg Castle

This is the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg, a 351 m long construction. It is considered one of the most vital medieval fortresses in Europe that has stubbed till today. As a tourist, you can take a nice walk along with the castle. Throughout the tour, your guide will explain to you the castle’s history and talk about other historical landmarks such as the City Walls  —the St Lawrence church etc.

The castle’s architecture is definitively one to look into as it is a unique design originating from the 13th century. Since the nation’s first language is not English, you can pay a fee to access English language audio tours that explain all the history of the castle and the surrounding structures as well. Much of the artifacts that remain today are kept in the imperial castle museum instead of inside the actual castle itself for safety and preservation purposes.

Visit TheFountain in the Hauptmarkt

“Hauptmarkt” can be translated to “main market” this is a place that still holds the age-old tradition of Wochenmarkt. Inside this market, you will find the “beautiful fountain” fountain that dates back to the 14th century. It truly is a sight for sore eyes and the perfect place to take pictures. Here, you’ll also see Nurnberger Rathaus or the Old Town Hall built-in 1616. The architecture of this building is also exceptional. 

You can find big doorways leading into a building home to torture chambers and dungeons from the olden days. The famous Nürnberg Christkindlesmarkt or the famous NurembergChristmas Market is held at Hauptmarkt as well. It is a renowned event that lasts for two weeks, and millions of people from around the world come together to celebrate this Christmas extravaganza.

Take a walk along the City Walls 

At Nuremberg, most of the old City Walls  are still standing firm, and they are distinct history structures that have played their role as a massive part of the city during the 14-15th centuries. This walk can last about 5 kilometers, with numerous towers and gates along the City Walls  stretching.

Visit the Germanic National Museum

The Germanisches National museum or the Germanic National Museum houses the most extensive artifacts that distinguish Germany’s art and culture. More than 1.3 million items in the museum can tell you a bit of every phase of Germany’s rich cultural heritage. You can find historical documents, fine arts, and seals still on display at the museum.

You can also find a vast collection room of drawings, paintings, and prints representing the primary schools. The museum is home to a massive collection of musical instruments used during ancient times and even sculptures, including dollhouses and toys used back in the day.

Not only is the museum home to many artifacts, but it is also rich in itself. That is, the building itself is a standing testimony of Germany’s Rick history with the unique architectural features that decorate the museum walls.

You can find a tour guide who will take you along the entire stretch of the museum and explain each item to you. If you feel tired, you can grab something to drink or eat at a café in the museum itself. Plus, if you want to get some souvenirs, you can visit the museum’s gift shop and purchase something to take back home.

As a bonus, after exploring the museum, you can go to the Straßede Menschenrechte, which is the “The Way of Human Rights.” This is a street monument that was dedicated to world peace, which is located in Kartäusergasse. In the same vicinity, you will find the Kunsthalle Nürnberg, which is a notable art gallery for contemporary artists.

Tour the Nuremberg Transport Museum

You will find the Nuremberg Transport Museum or the Verkehrsmuseum Nürnberg just outside the Old Town Walls. It is a collection of museums, including the DB Museum, Deutsche Bahn’s (the country’s railway), and the Museum of Communications.

Since this museum mainly deals with railroads and trains, an enthusiast of the art or little children would find it amusing. The main highlight of the entire museum is the massive railway model that was built dating back to more than 100 years. Apart from this, you will also find many scale models of trains and their tracks and a lot of displays that are pretty interactive.

The Verkehrsmuseum Nürnberg is one of the oldest transport museums in entire Europe. You can trace it back to 1899, and to this day, the museum hosts diesel and steam engines that are in perfect condition on display. Not only this, they have successfully made a replica of the very first train in Germany, and it is in top working condition.

Going here would be a memorable trip since you can get on one charter or tourist trip. Before visiting the museum, make sure you talk to locals or your travel agent about such opportunities. Other than this, another transport museum is the Meeks Motor Museum, a museum for vintage cars. This museum holds about 90 cars at the moment.

Visit the Lorenzkirche or St. Lawrence’s Church

The St. Lawrence’s Church is a gothic-looking twin tower church from the 14th century. It is the largest church in the city. The highlight of this church is a massive window in the same of a rose which is nine meters in diameter. It is placed right above the doorway of the church, adding a very scenic beauty to the whole architecture of the church.

There are numerous amount of artworks inside the church. Most of these items have been donated by the high class or rich people in the city and collected over the years.

Another important feature inside the church is a tabernacle for the 15th century and a beautiful stained glass near the choir stand.

You’ll find a three-part organ that has more than 12,000 pipes, named as one of the largest musical instruments in the world. There’s also a set of 16 bells among which, the oldest one is from the 1300s.

Enjoy yourself at the Playmobil FunPark

If you are traveling to Nuremberg with your family, you must take your kids to this fantastic park. The Playmobil FunPark is one of the fun attractions that Nuremberg offers for little kids. This park is located in Zirndorf, about a short drive west of Nuremberg, and it is both an indoor and outdoor park.

The park is filled with fun things for kids, such as the company’s full-sized characters from their toy collection. They even have a large castle that your kids can explore. The park is filled with themed areas such as the Wild West, an American Indian Village, a dinosaur village, a boat and a gold mine. Kids can play with all these displays with the items they have provided on-site such as the paddle boats, ropes, etc.

The success of Dragon’s nest attic loft:

One of the main reasons why tourism in Nuremberg exploded through the roof is the popularity of the Dragon’s nest Nürnberg B&B. Of course, informative blogs about the place Also contributed to its popularity, but you can give most of the credit to Airbnb Nürnberg and its marketing skills that skyrocketed the company.

With more and more people looking into home listings through Airbnb, it became evident that renters’ reviews of the homes played a considerable part in its popularity. This is where Dragon’s Nest Airbnb Nürnberg comes in. Advertising itself as a cozy little loft with adequate innovative technology is an offer that many cannot refuse. And despite the tremendous success of the housing, Dragon’s nest attic loft, an Airbnb Nürnberg, remains wavered with its quality and customer service. Even with its huge success, you will see that you are the same. Comfort, vibe, and scenery will greet you just as they did when the place first came into existence.

Why should you visit Nuremberg?

Nuremberg is considered the best place for anyone looking for a good adventure. Starting from the Kushi is beautiful natural scenery, the place is sprinkled with cultural richness and painted with a powerful history. It is a beautiful blend of everything you need to experience when traveling.

Apart from this, the food is the star of the show. The traditional cuisine of Nuremberg attracts tourists to keep coming back time and again to Nuremberg. Although a small area, the amount of history it holds, cannot be compared to any other.

The Art and Culture of the city of Nuremberg are well known worldwide. Perhaps this is also one of the reasons why tourists rent to flock to this place, coming in search of the roots of such a rich heritage. Moreover, if you come during the summertime, you will attend a two-week-long festival; this is a musical folk event called the old town festival. It is one of the most beautiful touristy things to do when visiting the country.

You will find the Norwegian castle that stands as one of the most prominent structures in the city. You can see this from afar, and it is one of the most historically rich landmarks to visit in Nuremberg. Other such tourist attractions are the Germanic National Museum, the Albrecht Düer House, and the St. Lawrence Church.

Other architectural places of wonder are The Frauenkircheand the St. Sebaldus Church. You can come to these places to see how the construction of these sites is done. You have the best of both worlds when you live at the Dragon’s nest loft. Your accommodation will be modernized with all the basic and luxurious amenities, but it is made to be cozy, so you feel at home with the setup.

How did the Dragon’s Nest attic loft capture Global Social Media Audience?

Dragon’s Nest is becoming increasingly popular on social media and among travelers. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why it is as famous as it is:

Exceptional customer Service

Dragon’s Nest Airbnb Nürnberg offers a large number of services to the guests. The best one among them is the airport shuttle to get to the airport and the multiple means of public transport you can take to explore areas in and around the accommodation. The staff at the Dragon’s Nest are even cooperative and will always cater to your every need. They are also open to planning tours for you, which is always a good idea to explore the entire city.

The cozy ambiance

The coziness of the Dragon’s Nest is courtesy of the architecture and design of the loft and the culture that sets the mood of the entire home. This perfect blend of modernization with the rustic charm of an attic loft is what makes this place all the most appealing.

Social Media Strategy

Another critical reason that Dragon’s Nest is doing so well online is its out-of-the-box marketing skills. They have mindfully collaborated with the right social influencers who can advertise their homes for the right price. The visual presence of the Dragon’s Nest is unmatched when it comes to Airbnb Nürnberg Listings. 

The PR team does an excellent job of always knowing what to post when and what kind of advertising strategies to use. Their media content is not only pictures of the house but also the inside, along with whoever their guests are. This helps them leverage the guests’ audience towards their brand: a cozy loft called The Dragon’s Nest.

Why should you pick Dragon’s nest for your next travel?

Although we’ve already seen more than enough reasons why the Dragon’s nest attic loft is the perfect accommodation for your travels, let’s take a look and 4 more reasons why you should pick this location for your next travel:

  • You will have the entire loft to yourself, so there is undisturbed privacy.
  • The host of this home is committed to the company’s enhanced 5 step cleaning process so you can be sure that everything is sanitized and healthy.
  • You get fast, free Wifi. So even if you are away from your comfort zone and in the middle of nowhere, you can still have a little bit of your home during the stay.
  • The ease of transportation from the apartment to different locations.

Final thoughts:

Dragon’s Nest is slathered with a rich heritage and history, making it a tourist attraction. When you stay at the Dragon’s Nest, you will be able to access all parts of the countryside while always being comfortably rested at the Dragon’s Nest. All the places in and around the apartment are accessible to you. You will hardly have 20-30 minutes of travel in your schedule for exploring all the places near the Nest.

Dragon’s nest stick loft is a paradox in itself. The design of the home is top-notch, which minute attention to detail. Some may say it is decently equipped with intelligent technology. The place is not overly modernized that it is not homely. In fact, the Airbnb Nürnberg listing for this apartment describes it as a very cozy attic loft.





Personal care:

Shower gel

Hot water

Cleaning products


Bath spa

bed sheets, Bed linen


Body soap

toilet paper



Exercise equipment



Washing machine


Ethernet connection, Wifi



A sound system that has Bluetooth and auxiliary connections


Additional room amenities:


Clothes storage: wardrobe

Extra pillows and blankets

Room-darkening shades

Air conditioning

Clothes drying rack


Portable fans

What are some of the places near the Dragon’s Nest?

  • Nürnberg
  • Strasbourg
  • Munich
  • Dresden
  • Stuttgart
  • Black Forest
  • Heidelberg
  • Arbon
  • Frankfurt
  • Innsbruck
  • Leipzig
  • Konstanz
  • Salzburg



Pots and pans






Dishes and silverware


Coffee maker




Mini fridge



Baking sheet

Wine glasses




Location features:

Hot tub

Private entrance

Private patio or balcony


Private gym in the building

Free parking on premises

Separate street or building entrance


Host comes to greet you

Luggage drop-off

Long-term stays allowed (28 days or more)


Books and other reading material (This includes Children’s books and even some toys.)

Board games

Safety and security:

Carbon monoxide alarm

First aid kit

Window guards

Smoke alarm

Fire extinguisher

The only unavailable facility is that there are no security cameras on the property.


Desk, table and chair

Professional equipment

Cables and adapter

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